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Vision Live Lesson: Future Plans
Topic Having Fun: We’re going to have a barbecue
Trainer Steve O’Farrell
Level A1-A2
Students’ grade Grade 5
Time 40 minutes
Learning Outcome I can talk about future plans
Key vocabulary Barbecue, birthday party, concert, dance show, picnic, play 
Lesson brief This lessons aims to help students talk about future plans with ‘going to’.
Lesson times June 3rd: 11:00-11:30
June 10th: 11:00-11:30
Where At home
Who joins Individual students
How many participants Up to 500 students
Who registers Teacher
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How to join Live with Vision classes?

Step 1: Make sure your students are between Grade 5 and their language level is A1/A2.

Step 2: Register your group

Step 3: Follow email instructions.

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Step 4: Prepare yourself and your students for the lesson. 

Step 5: Join the lesson  


Steve O'Farrell

Steve O’Farrell has been in education for over 20 years and has been training teachers for 10 of these years. He now travels around Turkey and abroad, training for Pearson Education. A passionate and energetic presenter, he uses humour in all his sessions, imparting valuable concepts and vision. 

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How to Prepare?

Students will need

  • good internet connection
  • preferably a laptop / desktop computer

Teachers will need

  • to fit the lesson into their timetable
  • to register for their class