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During this difficult time of the Coronavirus outbreak, our first priority is the safety of all those people whose lives we affect. Not only our employees but also the teachers and learners who put their trust in Pearson.

Now, as teachers and students are unable to continue their studies in schools as part of a first line of protection it may seem that your education has come to a sudden stop. But this does not need to be the case. We, at Pearson believe that learning should never stop, so we are here to help and support you during this difficult time.

Throughout the next few weeks we will be supplying information, webinars, videos, blogs and access to all the material that you should expect from a company such as Pearson so that you do not need to lose a single day of learning.

So we say to you, ‘Don’t stop learning! Don’t stop teaching!’ Hand in hand, we can help you continue your learning journey.

We’ll be updating this site regularly with even more helpful resources.

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Join our webinars and see how you can ease the process of online learning both for yourself and your students! Click on the best time for you, to register for the webinar.

You can find the recordings of our webinars below the webinar programme.

Topic Speaker Date & Time
Distance Teaching and Learning: Useful Tips for Making It Work Ken Beatty 17/03 15:00
18/03 13:00
18/03 20:00
Digital Solutions for Online Learning Christina Cavage 18/03 21:00
Using Versant Placement Test as a Home-Based Assessment Nick Laul 19/03 21:00
MyEnglishLab: Your Solution for Anytime, Anywhere Learning Janay Philips 20/03 21:00
How to Deliver an Engaging Online Lesson to Teenage Learners Michael Brand 20/03 12:00
20/03 14:00
23/03 11:00
23/03 16:00
How to teach exam students online? Billie Jago 02/04 13:00
02/04 17:00


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