As always, we're here to support your learning journey!

During this difficult time, our first priority is the safety of all those people whose lives we affect.  Not only our employees but also the teachers and learners who put their trust in Pearson.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, we have supplied information, webinars, videos, blogs and access to all the distance learning and teaching materials, to make sure that you do not need to lose a single day of learning. 

We started the new learning journey by saying, ‘Don’t stop learning! Don’t stop teaching!’

Educators are still striving to ensure that learning continues, in spite of this massive disruption. Now, we are supplying information, webinars, videos, and access to all the materials that will facilitate your lessons, whether you're face to face with learners in the classroom, or in a blended or online environment.  Our priority is to support you with practical, innovative ideas and materials that will inspire your learners and help youdapt your teaching to an online or distance learning environment.

We, at Pearson believe that learning should never stop, so we are here to support you and your educational objectives wherever you are.

We’re updating this site regularly with even more helpful resources.

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What's New?

Assessment Summer Camp for Teachers

Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays this summer for Assessment Summer Camp for Teachers, an energizing series of English assessment-focused webinars, designed to give you new perspectives, actionable ideas and concrete skills.

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The Big Think: The future skills learners need to succeed

In this webinar, you'll find out how you, as international school leaders, can help your learners avoid joining the ranks of worldwide jobseekers who are increasingly finding themselves under-skilled for the roles available to them.

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Pearson English Academies

Pearson English Academies are dynamic banks of exciting, high-quality resources for educators, English learners and their parents.

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ELT Resources

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Modern Languages Resources

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Higher Education Resources

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