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Taking expectations of the business world from education into account, Edexcel provides learning programmes within the context of vocational standards and needed qualifications by being in cooperation with academic world. Thus it promotes education solutions for both vocational improvement and academic career fields.

Turkey Learning programmes offered by Edexcel are provided in levels based on European Qualifications Framework and include credit values. Two-year, Level 5 programs are named as “Higher National Diploma (HND)” under this framework.

HND programmes that can be implemented in English and/or Turkish by educational institutions in Turkey cover a wide range of fields: Business, Art and Design, Construction, Engineering, Hair and Beauty, Health, Information Technologies, Tourism, Travel and Hospitality, Media, Music, Performing Arts, Sport, Public Services and Applied Sciences.

Students who complete HND programmes in these fields in Turkey, are qualified to be awarded the diploma of the University at which they have graduated as well as Edexcel diploma. Completed HND programme also equals to the first two years of the three-year bachelor’s degrees in England. Students consequently will have a bachelor’s degree by studying only 1 year at one of the contracted English universities.

Saved time during the educational life, gained international experience and vocational qualifications greatly enrich the improvement of the students’ further careers. As Edexcel our aim is to make a contribution in improving the quality of vocational education in Turkey and in supporting the employability. We believe that we can contribute to the studies concerning the support of the connection between vocational education and employment with our services such as quality assurance, accreditation and internationally recognised certification.