MyLab & Mastering

MyLab and Mastering from Pearson helps break through to improved results for students and faculty through customizable and dynamic technologies — driven by data and analytics and supported with premier Pearson content.

By leveraging input from over ten million student users, MyLab and Mastering is uniquely capable of creating content based on data-driven insights that delivers engaging, interactive learning experiences proven to help students absorb course material and understand difficult concepts. 

Each MyLab and Mastering is focused on your course objectives and is responsive to each student’s progress. And coming from Pearson you can be confident you have an experienced partner committed to your and your students’ success… every step of the way.

MyLab & Mastering with Adaptive Learning makes studying more efficient and more effective for every student. Adaptive learning works by continuously assessing student performance and activity in real time. Then, using data and analytics, it personalizes content to reinforce concepts that target each student's particular strengths and weaknesses.


The following MyLab & Mastering products

Business & Skills
Business: MyAccountingLab - MyBCommLab - MyBCommLab Global Editions - MyBizLab Global Editions - MyFinanceLab - MyIBLab Global Editions - MyManagementLab - MyMarketingLab - MyMISLab - MyMISLab Global Editions - MyOMLab - MyStrategyLab 

Business StatisticsMyStatLab 

Economics: MyEconLab 

Student Success & Career Development: MyEmployabilityLab - MyFoundationsLab - MySkillsLab - MyStudentSuccessLab - MyWritingLab - MyWritingLab Global

Health, Humanities & Social Sciences
Anthropology: MyAnthroLab - MyAnthroLibrary - MySearchLab

Art: MyArtsLab - MySearchLab

Communication, Film & Theatre: MyCommunicationLab - MySearchLab -MySpeechLab

Counseling: MyHelpingLab

Education: MyEducationLab

English: MyCompLab - MyLiteratureLab MyReadingLab - MyTechCommLab

History: MyHistoryLab - MySearchLab

Interdisciplinary Studies: MySearchLabLaw - MyLawChamber

Music: MyMusicLab - MySearchLab

Nursing: MyNursingLab

Philosophy: MyLogicLab - MyPhilosophyLab - MySearchLab

Political Science: MyPoliSciLab - MySearchLab

Psychology: MyDevelopmentLab - MyPsychLab - MySearchLab

Religion: MyReligionLab- MySearchLab

Social Work, Family Therapy & Human Services: MyHelpingLab - MySearchLab - MySocialWorkLab

Sociology: MyFamilyLab - MySearchLab - MySocLab

Anatomy & Physiology: MasteringA&P - MyA&P 

Biology & Microbiology: MasteringBiology - MasteringGenetics - MasteringMicrobiology

Chemistry: MasteringChemistry

Computer Science: MyProgrammingLab

Engineering: MasteringEngineering

Environmental Science: MasteringEnvironmental

Science Geography & Atmospheric Sciences: MasteringGeography

Geology & Oceanography: MasteringGeology

Health, Kinesiology & Nutrition: MyFitnessLab - MyHealthLab - MyNutritionLab 

Information Technology: MyITLab - MyITCertificationLabs -

Mathematics: MathXL - MyFoundationsLab - MyMathLab - MyMathLab Global - MyMathTes - tMyStatLab

Physics & Astronomy: MasteringAstronomy - MasteringPhysics

Statistics: MyStatLab

Trades & Technology: MyAutomotiveLab - MyHVACLab