Career readiness tools for student success

A platform that provides career development tools to help prepare students for today’s workplace.

When it comes to preparing for their future, students often don’t know where to start. Get them on the right path with Pearson Career Success.

An online career preparation platform, Career Success provides access to a roadmap that helps students explore and understand where they want to go, how they're going to get there, and what they need to do to stand out from the crowd.

To accomplish this, a sole focus on academic readiness is no longer enough. Students today need to be provided with a holistic approach that includes both academic and career readiness. This helps make the connection between experiences in the classroom and the skills needed to obtain a job post-college, and beyond.

Why Career Success?

Empower & enable

Connect your students with the career they desire by providing them with access to career readiness tools.

Job skills for the 21st century workplace

Prepare students with the skills employers want — and expect.

Demonstrable results

Improve your students’ chances to stand out from the crowd.


Research & results

Pearson is committed to understanding and identifying the needs of employers who are hiring new college graduates, along with serving the needs of institutions who are preparing students for the workforce. This research, along with decades of cumulative research by prominent leaders in the field, has served as the basis for developing the broad suite of assessments and instruction built into the Career Success platform, including:

Personal & Social Capabilities (PSC) skills (PDF | 68.12 KB)

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Research Reports

Redefining readiness

Today’s definition of student success has evolved. Learn more about how it’s been redefined in response to the demands of the 21st century workplace.


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Future of skills: 2030

Our forward-looking research combines the best of human expertise with the power of machine learning to understand the trends and make more nuanced forecasts than previously possible.

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Demand-driven education

This report provides a lens with which to identify the education and training practices most likely to be relevant in the workplace of the future.


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Success Stories

A Pearson Career Success Program Story

Pelin Kıvrak, from Istanbul Okan University, shares how she benefited from Pearson’s Career Success Program.

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A Pearson Career Success Program Story

Dr. Ceyhan Çiğdemoğlu from Atılım University, shares how she and her students benefited from Career Success Program

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For institutions: Skills for today

Pearson has collaborated with The Partnership for 21st Century Skills (a non-profit K-12 educational think tank) to author a series of white papers on the major skill areas most sought by employers.

Skills for Today: What We Know About Teaching and Assessing Creativity (PDF | 1.24 MB)

Skills for Today: What We Know About Teaching and Assessing Communication (PDF | 4.92 MB)

Training & Support

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