Next-Generation Assessments

Assessments are no longer just the fill-in the-bubble testing they were when we started doing them almost 60 years ago, but the goal remains the same: equal access to a quality public education for all children. Innovative approaches to item development and scoring, such as the expanded use of performance tasks, computer adaptive testing and automated scoring, will more effectively measure what students know and can do. These next-generation assessments will move beyond snapshots of student achievement. The new assessments will capture complex performance and track student growth over time. The new assessments will leverage new digital technologies to provide richer, timelier feedback to teachers, students, parents, and policymakers.

State and National Services

Innovative thinking, real-world experience, and research in practice form the basis for Pearson measurement products. Working with national organizations, states, and school districts, we help gather and analyze the data needed to set students on personalized education paths from early childhood to college and career readiness.

Institutional Assessment

No matter the scale of an assessment program, we never lose our focus on the students, teachers, or clinicians whose lives and careers are affected in very real ways. Our customizable, personalized services help learners of any age and circumstance achieve success at every step of their learning journey.To help those learners on their individual journeys, our experts work closely with customers, sharing experience and best practices in a collaborative, transparent process, for optimum support and successful transitions to new programs.To meet our customers’ expectations and needs, Pearson develops and implements assessments using the highest industry standards for quality, reliability, validity, and fairness.

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