Online & Blended Learning

Online Learning and Blended Learning Solutions

Using Pearson’s extensive educational resources and services, educators are successfully blending traditional learning practices with dynamic online learning solutions that increase student engagement, helping those students reach their full potential, ensuring higher success rates for those educators and delivering better student retention for the institution.

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Online learning and blended learning programs provide students access to a wide range of high-quality, media-rich content with more flexible program options. By implementing these solutions, educators can teach to and support multiple learning styles and increase student engagement. Online learning programs ensure that every student has access to all learning opportunities available regardless of educator shortages, physical space limitations, or scheduling conflicts. 

Blended Learning Boosts Achievement

Institutions who implement blended learning as part of on-ground programs are able to increase student engagement, student retention and student achievement. Relying on the extensive content and capabilities of Pearson, customized courses offer blended learning opportunities unique to your course or program with unlimited potential.